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See some recent news stories and videos that cover CyberTran’s technology and the benefits to the world.

Oakland Post, November 4, 2018
KTVU News Segment October 5, 2017
Contra Costa Herald, April 13, 2017
ITS Berkeley, October 12, 2016

CyberTran applies for MacArthur Foundation Grant

CyberTran International has joined with the University of California at Berkeley in applying to the MacArthur Foundation’s One Hundred and Change grant program. This program awards one $100,000,000 grant every three years for the purpose of supporting a new program to solve a major world problem. See Press Release.

San Pablo Becomes Second City to Pave the Way for CyberTran

The City Council of the City of San Pablo unanimously passed a resolution to include consideration of ULRT in its “Transit Oriented Development Policies & Strategies.” The policies are a “Top 9 Priority” contained in the FY 2015-17 City Council Adopted Priority Workplan. See Press Release.

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