The Future

CyberTran System Rendering


CyberTran has the potential to impact our lives in far-reaching ways. It will revolutionize the way that we travel from place to place, but CyberTran is more than just a better transit system. It is less expensive to build, easier to use, and more convenient than any existing form of transit; but it is also a better transportation system for humanity and the environment. CyberTran is a vision of sustainable transportation that is good for humanity – a system that not only can be powered by renewable resources, but can also serve as a blueprint for smart growth and development.

The next steps in CyberTran’s implementation are:

  1. Locating a few good communities to serve as initial partners in creating model transportation corridors, and to begin using smart growth/transit-oriented development techniques. When these communities have been identified, we will meet with them, plan with them, finance with them, and finally, build with them.
  2. Extending these model early-adopter communities and link them together into regional and super-regional networks, allowing travel within and between them.
  3. Further extending these networks to create a national passenger rail infrastructure, including intercity high-speed corridors.

CyberTran’s ultimate vision is to create a national and global sustainable transportation system. Today’s problems of fuel-burning technologies and unhealthy cities must be addressed now, for the sake of the country, the planet, and future generations.

If not now, then when?  If not we, then who?

If you are interested in finding out more information about CyberTran in any capacity; as a community; a technology partner; an investor, a potential employee, or to offer support from government agencies, foundations, think tanks, or other non-profits, please contact CyberTran by telephone at 510.215.5221, or use our contact form on the left side of this site.

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